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Planning your next trip to Medellin

Recession Busting Tips to Save money on your next trip to Medellin:

1) Ask for the plate of the day (plato del dia) at lunch time in Medellin restaurants, and you will get a full plate of food, soup, arepas, and a drink from 4,000 pesos to 8,000 pesos. You will usually get a choice of meat from chicken to steak, and sometimes fish.

2) Use an ATM and don’t use the money exchangers (casa de cambia) and you will get charged from 1 to 3% from your bank for international fees, whereas money exchanges hit you for about 10% when you exchange cash.

3) Ride the subway: The Medellin subway is safer than subways in the USA, its cleaner. Not to mention it gets you up above the street level congestion and bus fumes. It only costs 1,400 pesos to ride to the other side of town!

4) Don’t overpay for taxi rides: If your going to an agency to meet women, be carefull if the women are asking for more than 12,000 pesos each way. Most neighborhoods are not further than this. Some women make money off taxi fairs at agencies which the guys pay. I have heard of guys dumping 60,000 pesos for taxis on 1 girl in 1 day. RED ALERT. Need to hire a trusted AND bilingual taxi driver in Medellin, check out for a list of prices.

5) Don’t rent a cell phone: You can buy a brand new cell phone for a little over 60,000 pesos (about 27 bucks), and that usually comes with a SIM card loaded with 10-20,000  pesos of calls. You are better off buying a Comcell phone. Pick one up at HomeCenter, or Next to Pamona on Poblado Avenue.

6) Need a translator: Translators will run anywhere from 10,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos if you find them directly. If you need a driver, or taxi as well you should consider getting a bilingual taxi driver that way you can get 2 services for the price of one.

7) Party wise and save big: Did you know that most small bars on the sides of streets let you purchase a half bottle of rum for around 20,000 pesos, with a couple sodas, about 24,000 pesos. Small dance clubs on Calle 33, bars on Calle 10 in Poblado are not much more.

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