Medellin Real Estate Guide

Real Estate Guide

Thinking about buying real estate in Colombia? Learn how to buy real estate in Colombia, in Medellin, in Santa Marta, or in Bogota. The Colombian law protects foreign investments. Learn the process. Learn how to invest in Colombia the right way. We outline the steps you need to know, a few things to do and not to do. How to insure your investment qualifies you for an investment visa. From Appraisals to Closing, the idea is the same, but the processes are different in Colombia.

Just send an email to with the subject free guide, and we will send you a copy of the guide as soon as it comes out, which will be later this month.

Remember March and April are not high seasons in Medellin but they are not low seasons, so get your reservations in early if you want the best apartment. Dont forget to tell your friends to visit our new spanish website Apartamentos Amolbados Our English site currently has more information than the spanish website. We hope to catch up with the spanish site soon. High Season includes July, August, December, January, and during a couple conventions the rates of rentals also rise. In March there will be a big banking convention that will push rates up on some properties temporarily for about 1 week. Some owners will not be paying attention so look for better deals with them.

What Financial Crisis?
It may be hard to believe but Colombia has not felt much from the world financial crisis, and in 2008 experienced growth in the economy! WOW! The goverment doesnt like to admit that there is always a stimulus package continually pumping money into the economy. Well im not going to get into that, but historically for the last 30 years Colombia has avoided recession while other countries have bobbed in and out of this economic cycle. The rest of north and south america is struggling with problems but colombia has so far dodged this bullet.

The Dollar is strong now!
Who knows for how long. Take advantage of 2,500 pesos for the dollar now. What a relief!

Until the next post let me know if you have any questions about life in Colombia.




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