Medellin Real Estate Report Released


We are glad to provide real estate reports in English so you have an idea of whats going on in Medellin. While we do not have a report on new housing starts we do have a report that we just released which shows how many homes have been sold this year. The Medellin real estate market is only showing a decrease of 5% over last years sales.

Some areas of Medellin may be experiencing more of a slow down that other areas, but generally speaking the lower and middle classes are getting a big help by government subsidies. The Longa, which is Medellins largest and most respected real estate organization, has stated that Belin and Robledo are taking advantage of the government subsidies. In Robledo we are seeing high numbers of people moving into Viviendas in Interes Social, or housing in the Social Interest.

We are looking for numbers on the new housing starts in construction so we can provide our readers with more information on the Medellin economy.

Please check out the Medellin Real Estate Report by clicking here.

Also, dont forget we have a free buyers guide for buying real estate in Medellin.


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