Colombia Travel Blog Online (Medellin Travel)

For everyone out there traveling in Colombia there is a new travel blog coming online with alot of usefull travel tips, and cool stories, on how to open a colombian corporation, how to open a bank account, how to use public transportation in and around medellin. Check out the tips, and look up info on drivers, translators and guides right now as they are coming online.
Travel Colombia aka
Our friends at Visas y Tramites Internacionales. the Colombia and USA visa network are ramping up their website so you can learn how to file for novios visas por los estados unidos. they have offices in Medellin, Miami and Bogota. A really good choice for Colombians and Americans alike who either want to move to Colombia or move to the United States. The most popular visas, and the easiest to get are those related to being married. The novios visas as it is referred to in Colombia is actually the Finance K1 Visa, and the Marraige or Conjugate visa is the K3 visa.
Well thats our travel advice for this month. Be sure to follow the news and look for Medellin in the Summer Oylmpic Games of 2010 which just started this week.
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