Turismo Medellin or Medellin Tourism

Finally we are finishing up our new travel portal, whats that? A Turismo Medellin portal, or Medellin Tourism portal, is a site where you can bring together many people, with similar interests or businesses, such as in our case tourism. At this point we are bringing together providers of tourism services or provedores de servicios turisticos en Medellin Colombia. We will be listing only businesses with established and trusted companies, and persons such as guides and translators.
The Turismo Medellin portal has information on translators, personal guides, drivers, visas, passports, and great places to visit in and around Medellin.
If you have a company here please let us know, contact us here on hotmail or through the website. As we expand our services will cover tourism throughout colombia and not just in the immediate Medellin and antioquia areas.
Like always if you have been to a cool village like RIO CLARO or JARDIN, send us your thoughts on good places to stay, like economic or luxury hotels in the pueblos. Other people need to know what Colombia is really about.
Thanks as always,

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  1. Posted by Colombia on June 6, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Turismo en Medellin is taking off, estamos trabajando en 40 nuevas programas de tours in Medellin.


  2. I like Medellin because tourism isnt big business yet. I was just in Barcelona and it was over run with tourist buses. The buses dont even care if you see the city sigthts. They buz around with prerecorded messages. The guides dont really guide you. What can i say its better in Medellin, because the business hasnt gone to be corporations yet.


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