Property for sale in Guatape and El Penol

We are extremely pleased to have about 40 new listings of country houses near Medellin Colombia for sale. Great places to retire or rent out as vacation homes, or as they say here fincas de recreo cerca Medellin en venta. You can get a lot of land near a lake en el penol and guatape, and yes these are safe places to live. Certified safe thanks to the Uribe adminstration, and will remain safe with the new administration under Santos, who is favored to win in the June 20th run off elections in Colombia.
You can see Paradise Realty complete property list for sale on the following links: 
Medellin property for sale click here
New Properties for sale:
(including fincas near Medellin (country houses) near Medellin, el penol, guatape, rio negro, and santafe)
For information on financing properties for American Citizens please see the website:
(Mortgaes and financing for Americans who have jobs, income, and Colombian Family)
Please keep an eye on the Paradise Realty website for new property postings, or contact us for more information.
Thank you!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Tad on April 3, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    I am looking for a building plot,on the water ACCESS?
    El Penol area!!!


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