About Fincas en Antioquia

I just have to take a few minutes to

announce our new website for countryside vacation rentals in Colombia. Countryside vacation rentals in Antioquia the state which Medellin resides in. With and one to 3 Hours Dr. from Medellin you can find a wide variety of types of climates and scenery. You can choose to vacation in a zone that is very cool or you can vacation in a hot tropical village.
Antioquia Fincas are one of my favorite vacation spots in all of Colombia. They are great for inviting the family and friends to relax or to come and party and celebrate special events like weddings in Colombia. It is important to understand that vacations at country homes are an important and very well respected part of the Colombian culture. You should never turn down an opportunity to go to a finca with friends and family. Friends and family will always let you know if the place is safe for foreigners are not. All of the fincas and areas listed on this website are safe and friendly for foreigners and tourists alike. The Colombian highway is very safe to travel on these days with regards to rebel groups. The past presidential administration and the current administration are keeping the roads safe for Colombians and foreigners alike. Big barbecues are very famous at the fincas. Bring your dancing shoes because Colombia and love to dance and love to show people how to dance. They have a lot of patience with foreigners when it comes to dancing and learning Spanish.

Your biggest problem will be mosquito bites or perhaps eating too much with the family. The most common problem that tourists have in Colombia like many vacation spots is adjusting to regular life after returning from a spectacular vacation!

If you need more information about visiting or touring villages near Medellin please contact James@Medellintours.net for more information.

For more information on vacation rentals please visit www.paradiseRealtyMedellin.com or four we can vacation rentals check out www.fincasAntioquia.com

have a nice vacation and we hope to see you soon in Colombia!



You can also call the United States phone number at 1 -415-240-4698


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